Emerson now has 3 of 3 cultures (1 peripheral & 2 line draws) positive for gram negative rods.  She’s on very, very strong antibiotics that should be treating it & should have prevented it from growing in the first place.  It is where we’ve feared this path would lead us for a long time… to an organism medical science is unable to treat – one so strong it is resistant to every available antibiotic known to exist.  Are we there?  I don’t know.  No one does.  Until we have final identification & sensitivities from the lab we won’t know what we’re up against.  That information should be back in the next several days.  Until then we sit tight & continue to support Emerson as needed.  There are really no other/better antibiotics to add so she remains on the same ones she’s been on for a week now.  The same ones through which this bug grew & flourished. 

It’s all a little unnerving to be honest.  At the same time, though, Emerson has been able to remain remarkably stable despite the potential severity of what her little body is fighting.  That is very encouraging.  Her platelets continue to drop & her lactic acid is high – among other things, it’s a clear indicator she’s septic.  She continues to complain of lots of belly pain and is pale and lethargic, there is little change there.  Thanks to the adjustment of some meds, though, she is managing her own blood pressures off nor-epi this evening & that is a huge win!   

Little was said in rounds this morning… there is little to say.  We discussed this exact scenario at length before we left Omaha 2 months ago & I think some are surprised to see us back.  We had, at that time, expressed our strong desire to pursue quality of life for Emerson and to stop chasing infections.  I suppose a few good weeks at the beach made me second guess my intent to intervene.  I travel at all times with a signed DNR, but have been unable still to change her official code status here or elsewhere.  In the end I just don’t know how to stop fighting until she clearly tells me she is done.  And she’s not done.  Not tonight.  Not yet.

Jim and I, as you might imagine, have had lots to discuss in the past week.  Clearly Omaha knows Emerson best, but we’re willing to accept the expert level of care she receives in Denver.  They, also, know her well.  And while Denver would decline any surgical intervention we feel comfortable they could manage her through a crisis without the need for a life flight back to Omaha.  If something should happen to Eme in Denver I think we could both find peace in it.  We weren’t comfortable, though, trying to get her through a crisis in Detroit.  They’re a great hospital but they really, really don’t know Emerson & they don’t manage many (if any) bowel transplants.  We wanted to give Eme a chance & felt that was best accomplished here in Omaha.  Once we’re able to return to Colorado, though, our intent will be to manage out the remainder of her cares there.

There’s not much else to update tonight... things here remain mostly status quo.  Eme is going to IR tomorrow to have her perf drain replaced & the doctors here seem to think her abdominal wound looks okay.  There was some discussion re: a surgical skin graft, but in the end it would only leave her with another wound & I just don’t see the sense in that.  All are unclear as to if it will ever heal & my bet is no, but time will tell… The ID doctor is concerned the antibiotics left available to treat Eme’s infection may only be intermediately susceptible, which could explain why she’s not getting significantly worse but is also not getting much better.  If he’s right there is some concern we won’t be able to kill this bug.  I’m not sure where that would leave us, but for tonight I’m trying not to get too worked up about the “what ifs”.  Things will be clearer soon.  Until then… Good night & God bless! 

We are sorry that your

We are sorry that your vacation was cut a bit short, but are so happy and relieved that you were able to get Eme back to Omaha. Headway University | Headway University | Headway University

Prayers continue from the

Prayers continue from the Freigangs!  It feels trite to write "think happy thoughts" and "keep the faith" as I type, but that has been our drill on this side of the computer screen.... and overall it HAS worked!  I love the beautiful images of you and the kids on the beach, the picture of good health.  That is the ideal outcome and I hold fast to my faith that you have more happy days ahead of you.

All our love and prayers,


Link to Pray for Emerson Facebook page

I hope this works. If not look for Erika Lyn Smith on FB and check my pages...

Have a blessed day-

Erika Lyn Smith

Does anyone have the actual

Does anyone have the actual link to the Facebook page?  I have searched for it but "Pray for Emerson" for me returns only a link to a business in NY that 4 people have "liked."  Thanks!

We will all keep Emerson and you all in our thoughts and prayers here.


Our prayers continue for

Our prayers continue for sweet little Emerson.  We are sorry that your vacation was cut a bit short, but are so happy and relieved that you were able to get Eme back to Omaha, and maybe on to Denver, where they know her best.